RAI Radio 3 Classica

RAI Radio 3 Classica

Discover Rai Radio 3 Classica: Italy's Premier Classical Music Station

Rai Radio 3 Classica stands out as a premier destination for classical music enthusiasts. Owned by RAI, Italy's national public broadcasting company, this radio channel offers a unique listening experience with continuous classical music, free from commercial interruptions.

A Rich History of Classical Music Broadcasting

Originally launched as FD Auditorium and later known as Rai Radio FD 5, our station has evolved through various names, including Rai Radio 5 Classica and Rai Radio Classica, before adopting its current identity in 2020. This rich history underscores our longstanding commitment to classical music.

Accessible Everywhere: How to Listen

Listeners can enjoy Rai Radio 3 Classica through multiple platforms, ensuring classical music is always within reach:

  • Filodiffusione Cable Radio: A pioneering service introduced in 1958 by RAI and SIP, now Telecom Italia.
  • Hot Bird Satellite: Broadcasting using advanced DAB technology.
  • Digital Terrestrial DVB-T Network: Exclusively available within Italy.
  • Rai Play Radio Internet Portal: Stream anytime, anywhere.

FM Broadcasting in Italian Cities

Unlike Rai Radio Tutta Italiana, Rai Radio 3 Classica features FM broadcasting in five key Italian citiesโ€”Rome (100.3 MHz), Turin (101.8 MHz), Milan (102.2 MHz), Naples (103.9 MHz), and Ancona (106.0 MHz). Additionally, our classical music selection is shared on Rai Radio 3 during overnight hours and by Rai Radio TRST A in Trieste, offering an expansive coverage for classical music lovers.

Evolving With Time

Since September 2017, our programming has continuously evolved, showcasing our commitment to enriching Italy's cultural landscape with classical music. Whether you're a lifelong classical music fan or new to the genre, Rai Radio 3 Classica offers an unparalleled listening experience.

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