Heart FM

Heart FM

Cape Town's chief free commercial broadcaster, Heart FM, has reliably been a reference point of believe inside the Mother City. Serving as both a directing drive for nearby communities and a source of excitement, it remains closely adjusted with the standards cherished by the individuals of Cape Town.

Aboutย Heart FM

At first presented to the wireless transmissions as P4 Radio in July 1997, it rapidly rose to unmistakable quality as one of South Africa's quickly growing radio channels, captivating well-off audience members with its particular jazz determinations. P4 before long risen as the favored station for various Cape Town families, with its DJs getting to be commonplace figures in numerous families.

The year 2006 stamped a noteworthy turning point for the station because it experienced a change to Heart 104.9 FM, in the long run disentangling its title to Heart FM, in this manner receiving the moniker "Cape Town's Beat". This title alter was went with by a move towards a broader commercial music extend, pointing to request to a changed audience base. Heart FM epitomized the substance of Cape Town culture:
community-focused, socially cognizant, and devoted to grasping life to its fullest.

Extending its reach in 2013, Heart FM grasped modern gatherings of people by expanding its broadcast scope to include the Drakenstein, West Coast, Swartland, Overberg, and Overstrand locales inside the Western Cape Area. This extension permitted audience members in these areas to begin their day with the station's special mix of immortal and modern tunes, complemented by smart talks and dynamic amusement over different programs.

Presently, as the driving station, Heart FM stands as a refined and proficient outlet that embodies the city's true values, proceeding to be the background to its committed listeners' regular lives.ย 

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